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Canadian Passport Photos in Carmel

Passport photos must be: clear, sharp and in focus, taken with a neutral facial expression, eyes open and clearly visible, mouth closed, no smiling. An image of your current appearance, taken within the last six months
Country : Canada
Size : 50 mm X 70 mm
Quantity : 2
Price : $25
Canadian Passport Photos in Carmel

Securing a Canadian Passport Photo in Carmel that meets all the stringent requirements is crucial for a smooth passport application process. At JH Photographers, we specialize in creating passport photos that are not just compliant with Canadian standards but also tailored to your needs, ensuring a stress-free experience.

Essential Photo Criteria

Understanding the specifics of Canadian passport photo guidelines is key to avoiding any application setbacks:

  • Size and Precision: Optimal photo dimensions are 50×70 mm, with careful attention to the distance from the top of the hair to the bottom of the chin. At JH Photographers in Carmel, we ensure your eyes are perfectly aligned and open, capturing the essence of your natural look.
  • Expression and Alignment: A neutral facial expression is mandatory, with a closed mouth and no smiling, to aid in facial recognition technologies. Our team guides you to achieve a perfectly centered head position, ensuring a professional and compliant photograph.
  • Backdrop and Illumination: A plain white or light-coloured background is essential, devoid of any distractions or patterns. JH Photographers excels in providing even lighting, accentuating your features against the backdrop without any undesirable shadows.
  • Dress Code: We recommend everyday attire for your photo, with allowances for religious or medical headwear, provided it doesn't cover the face. Our experts are on hand to offer advice on appropriate clothing that meets Canadian guidelines while ensuring you remain comfortable.

Accommodating Special Needs

JH Photographers in Carmel understands that some applicants, like children or individuals with disabilities, might have specific needs. We offer customized services to ensure everyone's photos meet the Canadian passport photo standards without compromising on comfort.

Photo Submission Made Easy

Typically, two identical and unaltered photos are required, one of which should bear the guarantor's signature. We at JH Photographers can facilitate this aspect of your application, ensuring every detail is meticulously covered for a seamless submission.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing JH Photographers for your Canadian Passport Photos in Carmel means entrusting your needs to a team that not only understands the technical requirements but also values your convenience and satisfaction. Our professional guidance and expertise are your assets in navigating the passport application process smoothly, avoiding any potential hitches due to non-compliant photos.

about jhph

I have taken photos for many passports, Canadian, Polish, Israel, UK, French,Mexican and many other countries passport photos for my customers since 2013. I know the exactly passport photo requirements of each country. When you come to our photo studio or contact me, all you need to tell me is the name of the country you need passport or visa photos for. (If the sizes are not normal I may be able to help you but it is no guaranteed! but I will do my very best to help you.)

Besides passport photos, I also provide visa photo service for all different countries. all you need to tell me is the name of the country you need passport or visa photos for. (If the sizes are not normal I may be able to help you but it is no guaranteed! but I will do my very best to help you.)

I can have your passport or visa photos ready in 10-20 minutes. My express, accurate and high quality passport and visa photo services will save your money and time. My reputation for passport and visa photo services is due to our 100% acceptance rate over the years.

Please contact me at 831-869-7096 or text me and will be very happy to answer you questions.

Why to choose a professional photographer for your passport photos?

Professional passport photographers are good because their photos turn out better and you only need new photos every 10 years. When you go to get your passport photo taken, the photographer will help you choose the best background and lighting for your photo. They will make sure that your face is clearly visible and that your eyes are open. Photos taken by professional passport photographers are usually accepted by the passport office, while photos taken at home or at a store may not be accepted.